Personal Liability Insurance in Germany

Personal LIABILITY Insurance in Germany: A Guide for Expats

Let’s imagine you just arrived to Germany. You’re getting settled in to your new life and all is going well. After your first day of work at your new job, you go out for a drink with a coworker. You reach across the table and accidentally knock over your beer onto your coworker’s phone. As a result, the phone breaks. Your coworker wants you to pay for a replacement phone. Personal liability insurance in Germany would cover the cost of a replacement phone.

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  • What is German personal liability insurance?
  • Who needs German personal liability insurance?
  • 4 things every expat should consider 
  • What’s covered by personal liability insurance?
  • What isn’t covered by personal liability insurance?
  • What’s the best insurance provider for expats?

What is German personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance is the second most important insurance in Germany (the first being compulsory German health insurance). With personal liability insurance, you are protected financially in cases when you accidentally damage another person or his/her property. 

Who needs German personal liability insurance?

Most Germans have liability insurance, and for good reason. German law does not have a limit on how much a person can claim against you if you cause damages to that person or his or her property. In other words, you are legally responsible for any damages you inflict. Furthermore, you are also legally responsible for damages your children or pets cause. Therefore, personal liability insurance is one of the most important insurances to have in Germany. Everyone living in Germany should get personal liability insurance. 

4 Things an expat should consider when choosing liability insurance

Above all, you should make sure that the insurance provider you choose offers the following components in English:

  1. Customer support in English: German is a complicated language! When you have questions, you need to make sure there is total understanding between you and your insurance provider. Therefore, you need to have an insurance company that offers customer support in English. 
  2. Services in English: Your insurance provider should be able to explain their services in English. 
  3. Contracts in English: It’s important that you understand all your rights. Therefore, the details and fine print should be in English. 
  4. Online insurance: As an expat, you should choose a liability insurance company that lets you to manage your insurance policy completely online. That is to say, it’s easier to use a digital insurance company than a company with loads of paperwork. 

What’s covered by personal liability insurance?

German personal liability insurance generally covers:

  • Personal and property damage
  • Damages to borrowed and hired property (like your apartment)
  • Protection against uninsured third parties
  • Keys to a rental property
  • For renters: Rented rooms (Rented property damage)
  • Football, cycling, skiing and more sports
  • Damages through internet use

What isn’t covered by personal liability insurance?

Things German personal liability insurance generally does not cover includes:

  • Damages associated to your workplace, job, or volunteer work
  • Specific high-risk hobbies or activities
  • Damages caused by mentally unstable people, as well as children (children can added)
  • Legal fines or penalties
  • Accidents when driving (covered by auto insurance)
  • Damages to your home that are covered under homeowners insurance 
  • Situations where family members accidentally injure each other or themselves

What’s the best personal liability insurance for expats?

In short, the best German personal liability insurance for expats is COYA


  • COYA caters to expats
  • Everything is online
  • Customer support, services, and contracts are all in English
  • No extra payments
  • You can cancel your insurance anytime  
  • They offer bonuses if you don’t make any claims

Best of all, you can get coverage for as low as 3.14€ per month!

In conclusion, personal liability insurance is really important. German personal liability insurance protects you against a lot of different risks in your daily life, and it doesn’t cost a lot. 

There is a lot of unnecessary insurance in Germany, but personal liability insurance is not one of them. It is a MUST HAVE when you are living or working in Germany. 

COYA also offers home contents insurance. For English speakers in Germany, COYA is a great option. Similarly to their liability insurance, all of their services, customer support, applications, and website can be accessed in English. In addition, they also offer excellent coverage, no deductibles and no fixed contract lengths.

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German law mandates you have German health insurance. Therefore, you should make sure to have it when you move to Germany! For example, Germany will not give you a visa without proof of German health insurance. In Germany, you can choose between public health insurance and private health insurance. Both have their pros and cons. 

You can read more about German public health insurance in our article, “German Public Health Insurance: A Guide For Expats In Germany.” 

Click here to learn more about German private health insurance. 

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