German Home Contents Insurance

German Home Contents Insurance

What Is German Home Contents Insurance & Why Do You Need It?

It is important to get German home contents insurance when you move to Germany. Imagine you’re walking home from work one evening, and suddenly you see that your street is full of firetrucks and police cars. A faulty outlet started a fire in your apartment building. Your mind is racing. Insurance covers the building, but what about all your clothing, your computer and TV, and all your furniture? To replace everything will probably cost thousands of euros. How do you recover from an incident like this?

You wouldn’t have to worry if you had home contents insurance because home contents insurance protects you from these types of situations.

What’s Covered?

German Home Contents Insurance

Generally coverage includes:

  • Jewelry and cash
  • Home electronics (TV, coffee machine, refrigerator)
  • Household pets
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Furniture and carpets
  • Antennas or marquees that are part of your home/apartment

And they are covered from:

  • Robbery/Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Storm damage (wind, hail, lightning)

Another lesser-known benefit of home contents insurance is coverage outside the home. For example, you would be covered if your hotel room is robbed while you’re on vacation. Furthermore, if you’re walking at night, and you are robbed of your cellphone and wedding ring, German home contents insurance would cover the cost of replacements.

What Isn’t Covered With Home Contents Insurance?

German Home Contents Insurance

Some things German home contents insurance does not cover:

  • Most damage to walls, ceiling, or flooring
  • Damage caused by pets
  • Items outside your residence
  • Self-inflicted damage
  • Anything covered by homeowners insurance
  • Stolen bikes (they can be added to many home content policies though)

Costs Without German Home Contents Insurance

  • A storm causes a tree branch to snap. The tree branch breaks through your window, and crashes into your bookcase. Consequently, the bookcase is damaged and numerous items fall off the shelves and break. Without home contents insurance these damages will cost you around 500€.
  • A defect causes a leakage in your washing machine. The leakage soaks into your sofa and damages the wood. As a result, mold begins to grow in the sofa. Due to the mold, the entire sofa needs to be replaced and will cost you over 1000€.
  • You come back to your home with your family after being at a Christmas market and see that someone robbed your house. The thief took your new laptop, iPad, jewelry, and your cash. In total the thief robbed almost 2500€ of your belongings!

Which Insurance Is Right For You?

There are many options for insurance companies out there. Here are our top 3 choices, especially for non-German speakers:

  • Monthly Cost for Coverage (starting)
  • Custom Policies To Fit Your Needs
  • No Fixed Duration, Cancel Any Day
  • Website In English
  • English Speaking Customer Support
  • No General Excess

Adam Riese

  • 1.35€

Different people need different insurances. For English speakers in Germany, however, we think COYA is the way to go.

Lastly, if you don’t already have German public health insurance, you should look into getting it. Click here to read more information about German public health insurance.

Who wrote this?

My name is Bastian and I am a certified, independent insurance broker in Germany. My wife is American and together we help English-speaking expats figure out insurance, banking, and other issues encountered when moving to/living in Germany.

I also own Germany’s biggest Youtube-Channel about insurance knowledge and was honored with the Education Award of the German Insurance Industry” in 2018 and became Young Broker of the Year” in 2017.