German Private Health Insurance

German Private Health Insurance

Why Do You Need Private Health Insurance Opposed to Public Health Insurance?

Health insurance is required when you live in Germany. Many people move to Germany get German public health insurance without giving considering German private health insurance. DON’T BE THIS PERSON!

Private heath insurance offers all the benefits and more of public health insurance, often for a much better price.

Who qualifies for private health insurance?

You can get private health insurance if you fall into any of these categories:

  • Self employed/Freelancers
  • Civil servants
  • Earn a yearly income above 60,750
  • Students who renounce their public health insurance

How Much Can You Save?

Depending on income, the average person in Germany pays between 180€ and 800€ a month for public health insurance. By getting private health insurance, however, you can pay as little as 165€ a month because income is not a factor in the price. Thats a possible savings of 635€ per month, and over 7500€ a year!

Private health insurance is also significantly more inclusive of people with special health needs, and offers more policy customization for specific types of coverage.

Which Insurance Is Right For You?

Ottonova is the only private health insurance company in Germany that puts a focus on working with expats/non-German speakers.

Furthermore, Ottonova has an English website and a specially discounted private health insurance package just for expats!

ottonova private health insurance expats
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Lastly, if you don’t already have German private liability insurance, you should look into getting it.  Click here to read more information about German private liability insurance.

Who wrote this?

My name is Bastian and I am a certified, independent insurance broker in Germany. My wife is American and together we help English-speaking expats figure out insurance, banking, and other issues encountered when moving to/living in Germany.

I also own Germany’s biggest Youtube-Channel about insurance knowledge and was honored with the Education Award of the German Insurance Industry” in 2018 and became Young Broker of the Year” in 2017.