German Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance In Germany For Expats

German Home Contents Insurance For Expats

German home contents insurance is one of the top five most essential types of insurance in Germany. It insures your household belongings from damages due to vandalism, storm damage (e.g. wind, hail, lightning) water damage, and fire and smoke damage. Home contents insurance in Germany also covers robberies/theft. However, the specifics of how much protection you have differs between policies.

German law does not mandate that you have German home contents insurance, but it’s a good idea to get insured. You might even find that a landlord will not rent you a furnished flat unless you have home contents insurance.

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  • Why COYA?

* It’s also important to note that home contents insurance is different than homeowners insurance. Simply put, home contents insurance generally covers your belongings/things inside your home. In contrast, homeowners insurance covers damages to the home itself, such as damages to your ceiling.  

Why is home contents insurance important?

Let’s imagine you recently arrived to Germany. You and your partner just finished furnishing your new apartment. The living room has a couch, the family room has a new TV, and all your clothes are finally unpacked. One evening, you’re driving home from work and come to find that fire engines and police cars are all around your apartment. A spark from an electrical outlet started a fire in your apartment complex. You start to panic. The apartment complex is covered by homeowners insurance, but what about your new furniture, TV and your clothes? You know all of your new belongings are worth at least a few thousand euros. How will you afford replacements? 

In a situation such as this, home contents insurance would cover the cost of replacements. 

What’s covered?

Home contents insurance coverage usually includes:

  • Jewelry and cash
  • Home electronics (TV, coffee machine, refrigerator)
  • Household pets
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Furniture and carpets
  • Antennas or marquees that are part of your home/apartment

And they are covered from:

  • Robbery/Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Storm damage (wind, hail, lightning)

In some situations, home contents insurance also offers coverage outside your home. For instance, let’s imagine you’re staying at a hotel on holiday and a thief breaks into your room. He steals one of your personal belongings. In this case, home contents insurance would cover the cost of a replacement.  

What’s not covered with home contents insurance?

  • Damages to walls, ceiling or flooring
  • Damage caused by pets
  • Items outside your residence (This is what personal liability insurance is for)
  • Self-inflicted damage
  • Anything covered by homeowners insurance
  • Stolen bikes (Sometimes bikes can be added. Click here for information on Bike Insurance)

How much does it cost?

The cost of home contents insurance in Germany depends on the type of property you insure (e.g. apartment, condo, house). It also depends on how big your property is, where it’s located and how much protection you purchase. Nevertheless, it’s not very expensive when compared to how much financial protection you receive. In fact, you can get a basic plan for less than 50€ per year. 

Costs Without Home Contents Insurance in Germany

  • You come home from work one day and see that a thief robbed your house. Your computer, jewelry, cash and TV are gone. He took close to 2500€ of your personal belongings. 
  • You just got back from vacation. As soon as you open the front door you see that the floor is flooded with water and some of your furniture is soaking wet. A pipe burst while you were gone, and most of your furniture has water damage. The broken pipe ruined your carpet. You can see mold growing on your couch. As a result, you need to replace all of your living room furniture which will cost at least 1500€.

Best Insurance Provider for Expats

It’s difficult to choose the best home contents insurance in Germany for English-speakers. There’s a lot to consider. From our experience and research however, we think COYA is a great option for expats in Germany. 


COYA’s starting monthly cost for home contents insurance is only 1.79€. 

They also offer the following: 

  • Custom policies to fit your needs
  • No fixed duration (you can cancel anytime)
  • Website in English
  • Customer support in English
  • No general excess (no deductible)

Click here to find out more about COYA’s home contents insurance. 

Something else to keep in mind: There is one insurance in Germany that you are required to have by law. German health insurance is compulsory for anyone living in Germany. Actually, non-EU citizens cannot even apply for a residency permit/ visa in Germany without German health insurance. If you don’t already have German health insurance, our article, “German Public Health Insurance: A Guide For Expats,” explains everything expats in Germany should know.

Lastly, in Germany you are required to register your address at the local registration office. Afterwards, the registration office will mail you your tax ID. Learn more about what the tax ID is for and what to do when you receive yours in the mail in our article, “German Tax ID Number: A Guide For Expats”.

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