German Health Insurance For Students Explained

German HEALTH Insurance For STUDENTS Explained

Student Health Insurance in Germany

Everyone living in Germany, including students, needs health insurance. As a student in Germany you must be covered through either your parents’ health insurance plan (dependents’ insurance) or have your own insurance. Techniker Krankenkasse (also referred to as TK) offers student health insurance. TK is a reliable health insurance provider. They insure over 440,000 students in Germany. This article explains everything you need to know about German health insurance for students.

As a student are you eligible for dependents’ insurance?

You are eligible for dependents’ insurance if you are 24 years old or younger, and your income is not more than 445€ per month. Your dependents’ insurance ends if you earn more than 445€ per month for more than 3 months within 1 year.

Can you extend your dependents’ insurance under any circumstances?

You can extend your dependents’ insurance if your studies were delayed because of voluntary military service, federal voluntary service or for a voluntary social year. This extension is limited for up to one year longer.

What happens if you don’t have dependents’ insurance or it expired?

TK will insure you as long as you meet the following requirements:

  1. You are enrolled at a state recognized university/ college.
  2. You do not have full-time self-employment.
  3. Your employer does not provide you with health insurance.
  4. You do not receive health insurance through unemployment services.

There are, however, two exceptions. You are not eligible for student health insurance if you are in one of the following situations:

  1. You are in enrolled in preparatory courses for your study program.
  2. You’re a visiting student.

How much does student health insurance cost?

Health insurance: 66.33€  a month

Additional contribution: 4.45€  a month

Long-term care insurance: 19.79€  a month

For those over 23 without children: 21.42€  a month

If you do not have children, your additional contribution is 0.25% more for long-term care insurance starting at the age of 23.

What’s the best way to pay for your health insurance?

You can use TK’s Direct Debit Mandate to pay for your health insurance. Direct Debit Mandate is the simplest way to pay because TK will deduct your payments on a monthly basis. However, there is another option. You can pay the entire semester’s worth of health insurance costs at the beginning of the semester.

When does your student health insurance end?

Your student health insurance ends when you finish your degree, are no longer enrolled in courses or at the end of your 14th academic semester.

Are you eligible for student health insurance if you’re studying and working?

If your income is from the following employments then you do not have to pay extra for your student health insurance or long-term care insurance:

  • Small job: You earn less than 450€ a month. The number of hours you work is not relevant.
  • Temporary employment: Your work does not exceed 3 months (70 working days).

What if you’re an international student?

Students that already have public health insurance in an EU/EEA country might not need to get German health insurance. Usually students can use their European health insurance card (EHIC) when they go to a doctor or the hospital. On the other hand, students that are not from an EU/EEA country need German health insurance. Ask your insurance provider from your home country to give you specific information for your circumstance. 

What is the electronic health card?

Everyone who is insured by German public health insurance (sometimes referred to as statutory health insurance) gets the electronic health card. You have to show this card anytime you go to a doctor, the hospital, or an approved therapist. There is a chip on the card. This chip has all of your insurance information (your name, insurance number, address, date of birth, etc.) This allows physicians and therapists to resolve payments for their services with your health insurance company. All you need to do is show them your card. If you get German health insurance for students through TK, you will receive TK’s eHealth card.

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