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German HEALTH Insurance For EXPATS WORKING In Germany

You’re an expat working in Germany, and you need to get health insurance. Fortunately, German law requires employers to provide their employees with health insurance. It’s mandatory and takes effect the day you begin your job. Your only responsibility is to choose the health insurance company you want to be insured under. There are, however, a lot of options. You need to choose the best German health insurance for expats working in Germany. 

What happens after you choose your German health insurance company?

First, when you start your job, your employer will register you with the health insurance company you choose. Second, your employer will deduct your portion of your healthcare contribution from your salary. In 2019 the German state healthcare contribution was 14.6%. Normally your employer pays for half of this cost and you pay for the remaining half (7.3%). For example, if you made 1000€ per month, you and your employer would owe a combined 146€. Your employer would pay 73€ and you would pay the other 73€. This payment is deducted directly from your paycheck.

More about the German health insurance contribution amount: 

Every health insurance company can charge an individual additional premium. The amount is split between the employer and the employee. 

TK is a great health insurance company because it offers additional premiums at a low cost. In fact, TK’s premium is 0.7 percent. 

This 0.7 percent is added to the 14.6 percent. The combined amount your employer and you owe is 15.3 percent. As mentioned before, half of this amount is deducted directly from your paycheck. 

The contribution amount for long-term care insurance is 3.05 percent. People who have no children and are over 23 years old pay an additional premium of 0.25 per cent.

What is the best German health insurance for expats working in Germany?

The best German health insurance for expats working in Germany is TK. As mentioned before, TK’s premium is 0.7 percent. That’s really low. Above all, TK keeps their premium low and your benefits high. In other words, TK is incredibly affordable and provides you with the best access to outstanding healthcare services. 

What are the benefits of TK?

Hospital: TK always provides access to the best healthcare services, including hospital care. If need to stay in the hospital, all you have to do is pay 10 euros (your co-payment) for up to 28 days per calendar year. 

Outpatient medical care and dental treatment: You get to choose your healthcare provider. The only requirement, however, is that the doctor is a licensed statutory health insurance fund doctor. Show them your health insurance card, and TK pay the cost of your medical care. That is to say, the doctors will work with TK to settle your medical bills. 

Dental prosthesis: TK will pay for dental prosthesis. You will often have a co-payment. The amount depends on the type of treatment you need. 

Medicines: TK covers the cost of all medications prescribed by doctors. Medicine is available in pharmacies. You cannot buy medicine from supermarkets or drugstores in Germany. Your co-payment is between 5 and 10 euros. 

In conclusion, TK is affordable and provides great services for their customers. As a result, TK is the best German health insurance for expats working in Germany. TK has your best interests at heart. 

Now that you have an overview of insurance for expats working in Germany, maybe you’d like to read into more detail about TK’s services. Click here to read a health insurance guide for expats in Germany. For example, read about when you need to get German health insurance and the benefits TK provides. 

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