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BICYCLE Insurance In Germany: All You Need To Know

 Bicycle Insurance in Germany

Biking as a means of transportation in Germany is very common. Unfortunately, this means that bicycle theft is also very common. Thieves know that stealing a bicycle is relatively easy, they can make a good profit selling the bicycle online, and the police are unlikely to catch them. In fact, thieves stole 31,000 bicycles in Berlin in 2014, but police only solved four percent of those crimes. According to police statistics, thieves stole 300,006 bicycles all across Germany in 2017. Most of these incidences, however, go unsolved. If your bicycle is stolen, there is little to no chance you’ll see it again. That’s why you need bicycle insurance in Germany.

Bicycle insurance has become very popular in Germany due to the high prevalence of bicycle theft. Purchasing bicycle insurance is an especially smart choice if you’re living in a city. Even if you don’t live in a city though, you’re not immune to bicycle theft. Bicycle insurance is really easy to get and isn’t expensive. In fact, you can get bicycle insurance for as low as 1.00€ per month. 

What’s covered

One of the top bicycle insurance providers in Germany is Getsafe. They know how prevalent bicycle theft is in Germany, and they offer an affordable bicycle insurance policy with broad coverage. Getsafe is also a great option for expats in Germany because their website, application, and customer service can all be accessed in English. 

Overview of what’s insured 

All types of bicycles

For example, road bicycles, mountain bicycles, e-bikes, carbon bicycles and pedelecs are all insured.

Theft, burglary and robbery

As long you locked your bicycle with a contemporary lock, you can be reimbursed for your stolen bicycle. 

Insure multiple bicycles under one contract. 

You can insure all the bicycles you or people living with you own under one contract. The total value of all the bicycles combined, however, cannot be greater than 10,000€. 

Bicycle lock

Your bicycle lock is also insured as long as it was stolen along with your bike. 

Insurance worldwide

Your bicycle insurance is valid for up to 6 consecutive months outside of Germany.

24-hour protection

Your bicycle insurance covers theft that occurs at any time of the day. 

Reinstatement value principle

Getsafe will give you the amount necessary to get a new bicycle that is of the same value and quality as your stolen bicycle. 

Minimum term

You can cancel your insurance at anytime.


Vandalism is covered with an upgrade to your insurance plan.

Part theft

Stolen parts that are necessary for your bicycle to work properly (e.g. the bicycle seat) are insured. 

How to get bicycle insurance

Your best option for getting good bicycle insurance in English and online is through Getsafe. Their monthly premium is only 1.00€, and they offer protection against vandalism with an upgrade. 

Bicycle insurance is really cheap and can save you a lot of money and headache if your bicycle gets stolen! 

Click here and find out more about bicycle insurance with Getsafe!

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