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BICYCLE Insurance Germany: What You Need To Know

Bicycle Insurance Germany

Biking in Germany is very common. As cities become more congested with car traffic, a growing number of people are biking to work. Unfortunately, this means that bicycle theft is also very common. Thieves know that stealing a bicycle is relatively easy, they can make a good profit selling the bicycle online, and the police are unlikely to catch them. In fact, thieves stole 31,000 bicycles in Berlin in 2014, but police only solved four percent of those crimes. According to police statistics, thieves stole 300,006 bicycles all across Germany in 2017. Most of these incidences, however, go unsolved. If your bicycle is stolen, there is little to no chance you’ll see it again. That’s why you need bicycle insurance in Germany.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Bicycle Insurance in Germany Covers
  2. The Cost
  3. Best Bicycle Insurance Company in Germany for Expats
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Bicycle Insurance in Germany Covers

Bicycle Insurance Germany

What bicycle insurance covers depends on the company/policy you choose. Nevertheless, a good bicycle insurance company in Germany will cover the following:

All types of bicycles Many insurance companies offer options to insure road bicycles, mountain bicycles, e-bikes, carbon bicycles and pedelecs.
Theft, burglary and robbery As long you locked your bicycle with a contemporary lock, your insurance company should cover bicycle theft. 
Bicycle lock Usually your bicycle lock is also insured if it was stolen along with your bike. 
Insurance worldwide A good bicycle insurance company offers options for coverage worldwide.
24-hour protection Bicycle insurance usually covers theft that occurs at any time of the day. 
Reinstatement value principle A good bicycle insurance company will give you the amount necessary to get a new bicycle that is of the same value and quality as your stolen bicycle. 
Minimum term For many plans, you can cancel any day.
Vandalism Vandalism insurance is usually either automatically included, or it is an option to add-on.
Part theft Stolen parts that are necessary for your bicycle to work properly (e.g. the bicycle seat) are usually insured. 

2. The Cost

Bicycle Insurance Germany

The cost of bicycle insurance in Germany depends on many different things. Nevertheless, it’s usually very inexpensive. 

Zip Code

Where you live usually affects how much you will have to pay for bicycle insurance. If your neighborhood has a high crime rate then your bicycle insurance will cost more than if your neighborhood has a low crime rate. This is because there is a higher risk of someone stealing your bicycle in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. The insurance company calculates this risk into calculating the price of your policy.

Number of bikes

Oftentimes the price also depends on how many bicycles you include on your policy. For some insurance companies, you can include more than one bicycle on your plan. The more bicycles, the more expensive it will be.

Sum Insured

You will usually have to choose a sum insured amount when you get bicycle insurance. The sum insured amount is equal to how much it would cost to replace all of your bikes. For instance, if the value of your bikes is €800 then the sum insured amount would be €800. The higher the sum insured, the more your bicycle insurance will cost.


Some insurance companies offer the option of choosing a deductible. Your deductible can either increase or decrease how much you pay for bicycle insurance. A deductible is the amount you have to pay to replace your bicycle (or parts of your bicycle) before your insurance company pays. For instance, let’s say your deductible is €200 and your bicycle (worth €800) is stolen. You would pay €200 and your insurance would pay the remaining €600.


You might have the option to include different add-ons to your plan. For instance, some insurance companies have add-ons like vandalism and parts theft. If you include these then your plan will be more expensive. However, it shouldn’t drastically increase how much you have to pay.

3. Best Bicycle Insurance Company for Expats

One of the top bicycle insurance providers in Germany is COYA. They know how prevalent bicycle theft is in Germany, and they offer an affordable bicycle insurance policy with broad coverage. COYA is also a great option for expats in Germany because their website, application, and customer service can all be accessed in English. 

Bicycle Insurance Germany

Bicycle insurance is really cheap and can save you a lot of money and headache if your bicycle gets stolen! Go to COYA’s website to learn more.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will bicycle insurance cover damages to my bicycle?

The bicycle insurance explained by this article is only for bicycle theft. This insurance does not cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bicycle if you damage it.

What happens if I damage something while biking? Is this covered?

Bicycle insurance does not include coverage for damages you cause while biking. In some circumstances, however, personalizes liability insurance will cover such damages. COYA also has personal liability insurance that offers services in English. COYA’s website says, “The insurance covers statutory liability, e.g. because of damages caused by the use of bicycles or electric bicycles that are not subject to compulsory insurance bicycles (pedelecs).” That is to say, COYA’s personal liability insurance includes coverage for damages you cause with a normal bicycle. If you have an electric bicycle or a scooter then you would need to get additional liability insurance.

Does home contents insurance offer coverage for bicycle theft?

You can get bicycle insurance as an add-on with some home contents insurance companies. That is to say, you can pay a little more every month to cover your bicycle. COYA is a very common home contents insurance company for expats in Germany. You can add bicycle insurance to your home contents insurance plan with COYA.

Can I insure more than one bicycle on the same plan?

Some insurance companies will let you insure multiple bicycles on one plan. If this is an option then you will see it when you sign up for your plan.

Does bicycle insurance cost a lot of money?

Bicycle insurance is not expensive. In fact, COYA bicycle insurance starts at €4.41 per month!

Is my bicycle covered worldwide?

It depends on your contract. With COYA, your bicycle is insured for temporary trips between 3-6 months.

Is there a limit on how long I can have bicycle insurance?

It depends on the insurance company. With COYA, you can only insure your bicycle for 5 years. After those 5 years, your contract will automatically end. It’s important to note that with COYA, the bicycle you insure must be brand new. COYA does not insure used bicycles.

A final note:

Bicycle insurance has become very popular in Germany due to the high prevalence of bicycle theft. Purchasing bicycle insurance is an especially smart choice if you’re living in a city. Even if you don’t live in a city though, you’re not immune to bicycle theft. Bicycle insurance is really easy to get and isn’t expensive. Make sure you’re protected!

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