A team with passion for simplicity

We combine the struggles of moving to Germany as a non-German speaker (some of us at Germany2Go have gone through it too), with years of experience in the German finance and insurance industry. The result is a website that helps save you from the same struggles we faced and lets you enjoy the process of moving to Germany.

A married German-American couple, her brother and a passionate American blogger.

Well, to be honest… of all the articles and instructions we wrote and created on this website, the “About Us” page was definitely the hardest.

We guess the reason is that this website is not about us. It’s about you and your problems/struggles that come along with moving to Germany. Our focus is to help you.

Nevertheless, here are some “facts” about the team behind Germany2Go you might be interested in knowing:

Bastian, 32

Bastian, or Basti, as his friends call him, is an independent and certified (and multiple award-winning) insurance broker. He knows everything you need to know about German insurances.

Basti studied business administration and law both in Germany and in the United States (San Diego, CA). He later married Samantha, an American.

After studying in the United States and marrying Samantha, Basti perfected his English-speaking skills and started this website.

Basti personally knows CEOs of insurance and insurtech companies. Through Basti’s contacts and experience, he can help you choose the right insurance companies that offer English websites and support. His goal is to help you find the best and easiest solutions.

Samantha, 29

“The creative one”, as Basti likes to call her. As an art major Samantha designed our logo, colors, and CI for this website.

When Samantha moved to Germany, she (and Basti) went through all the struggles you also might be familiar with by now, from opening up a simple bank account to getting necessary insurance. From Samantha’s experience, they found the inspiration for Germany2Go.

Samantha and Basti know that the process of moving to Germany is complicated, but they hope that Germany2Go makes it easier for you.

Emma, 23

Emma has always had a passion for writing and using her skills to help others. She learned about international banking & financial institutions management and healthcare during her time at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the United States.

While in Munich, Emma went through the process of getting health insurance and setting up a foreign bank account. She learned about German healthcare, different types of insurance expats need, and the German banking system.

Upon graduation, Emma was ready to combine her experience as an expat and her knowledge of finance and insurance with her writing abilities. She subsequently joined the Germany2Go team.

Through writing, Emma explains what you need to know about German insurance and helps make moving to Germany a smooth experience.

Andrew, 25

Andrew studied Economics in college in the US. His real passion, however, lies in online advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

He works in many areas of the Germany2Go team including writing/translating articles and working on the website’s backend. Andrew uses his experiences as an English-speaking expat living in a non-English-speaking EU country to better understand the needs of those moving to Germany.